There is 4 of us and with 47 years of combined experience in management consulting we believe we have something to say about this value generating industry. Why did we choose the name “sardonic management consultant”?
Because cynical was already taken. So what are we going to write here? Well for once we don’t have a plan. Not a clue.

What we know is that more often than not we walk out of the office or return from a client in the middle of the night thinking – what the fuck? Frustrated and disillusioned as we are at that point we become sardonic. What that is you can check on our “About” page but I am sure we will come up with a PowerPoint to explain it anyway.

Don’t get us wrong – management consulting can be a hell lot of fun and you earn tons of money, simply because there are not many people in the world as bright and well educated as our breed. There are plenty of serious consulting firms in the market and among us we have worked for all the big ones, but you still come across the occasional tosser and that’s what this blog is about. Management consulting sardonic insights – don’t like? Don’t read! Otherwise you are welcome to post comments or contribute your stories if you wish. Best SMC